Andrew Anagnost,  Sr VP of Industry Strategy and Marketing

Andrew started off the media presentations, that discussed the Suites and 360 services that Autodesk provides. Automated workflows, complete product sets, and access to the Autodesk 360 cloud platform.

Andrew Anagnost Awesome infrastructure design suite project in southern China.  Check this out.


Autodesk is hoping that the 360 cloud platform will allow users to do things that they could not previously.

BIM 360

  • 1200 daily active users
  • 70 new users daily (That’s kick ass)

Sim 360

In 3 months, Simulation 360 adoption has really taken off, better than I expected.

  • 1000+ users
  • 10000+ Jobs run

Simulation 360 3 month adoption is better than I expected.  Sim 360 is bad ass. #au2012

Additional discussion developed the question by Martyn Day, relating to the cloud units and how things will be applied. What they said was that the applications are already placed, and customers are paying for the products. “Customers already know how many cloud assets they have. No one is using all their allocations of cloud credits. While customers can purchase more, none have needed to”, noted Anagnost.

Rendering services are not currently being charged for.

PLM 360

They discussed the benefits that PLM 360 providing benefits to Autodesk customers and non-Autodesk customers alike.

  • 350+ actively using and evaluating
  • 8,000+ users
  • 40,000 + workspaces
  • 2.2+ million items

Autodesk Formit

This is a really cool tablet tool for architectural concept modeling. No joke, this tool was using Vasari light analysis and more. really cool. The best thing noted was that the data from Formit was immediately consumable by the downstream BIM process. Revit and more can instantly use this model and data. This was the coolest thing I saw so far.

Autodesk Formit

Autodesk Formit

The app went live this morning, so go get it and tell us what you think.

Autodesk Formit

Jon Pittman, VP Corporate strategy

Discussed democratization of technology, in a general sense and how services are improving the way we think and work. “This is not your father’s Autodesk” was repeated numerous times. It’s a catchy phrase, but it is a bit worrisome to many as it is difficult to envision how the company plans to emerge with this huge consumer space push.

AU 2012

  • AU 2012 attendees from which country 8000 attendees in Las Vegas
  • 9000 in regional AU attendees
  • 53000 virtual viewers

Check back on Twitter Wed at 9:30 PM PT. There will be a cage match, Booze and debate. Should prove to be funny.

Mary Hope McQuiston, Director of Marketing and Business

Discussed the marketing of the consumer space. She asked, “How is technology adopted?”. This was by far the best discussion I heard.

Mary McQuiston All professional are consumer says mcquiston. I argue that they are critics.She showed a slide that depicted the Professional vs Consumer spaces

Trend 1 – Adoption of technology

Trend 2 – Creativity and personalization of design

Trend 3 – The return of Makers (I despise this term)

She was very clear that Autodesk feels that “the maker movement… will lead to a very interesting outcome”. The key is which perspective you want to look at that outcome from.

She went on to say that “We think that Autodesk will be successful going after the consumer due to its diverse history and product line”

Mary discussed the nature of AutoCAD WS 1.5, bringing the social aspects to professional spaces. We know PLM is trying to do this, but the problem is that all current aspects of social implimentation in the consumer spaces (and professional too) lack cohesive aspects, and do not help bring the 360 space to the customer. I wonder where they plan to go with this.

My question is that the push for the consumer market will harm the engineering professional spaces. It is often argued that the new thinking will eventually replace the old, and as new users enter the professional market, their decisions will have been influenced by the early adoption of these design products when they were consumers. When a newby enters the engineering space, he is encouraged to learn how things are safely and effectively developed. When that breaks down, bad things can happen. I expect to discuss this more as the conference continues.

“Every professional is a consumer” noted McQuiston. I argue instead, professionals are critics, not easily swayed by what they see as unprofitable.

18 new consumer products over the past year. Wow!

Autodesk is looking for deeper engagement by the consumer.

Lynelle Campbell, Senior Director of Sustainability and & Philanthropy

“Making a better world. 2050 9 billion live well, and live within the limits of this planet’

She discussed many initiatives, as well as benefits that Autodesk products are being used to develop for the world. I hesitate to comment on how some of the examples played out in my mind, such as the emergency wood burning stoves that convert waste heat into electricity, and the image of people in Africa using these. You can see where I’m going with this.

However, there are many people trying to improve the lives of people around the world. I had a great chat with a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering at University of Texas. She was planning a summer trip to help build sustainable improvements in Africa. Really sustainable improvements. That is the kind of things that I want to see promoted, but I see little of this.

Mark Hawkins, Executive Vice president and CFO


Executive insights

50 million students have access to Autodesk products.

95 Million consumer users

2.3 Billion dollars in revenue, making Autodesk one of the top 15 software developers

1.7 Billion dollars total cash and marketable securities

\Mark Hawkins discussing user stats. Articulate fellow.

“There are 4 times as much need as we have resources to fulfill…We are always looking forward at the best things to solve [with the resources we have] for the future.” mark noted when asked why the company does not deal with big issues such as the geometry kernels that the company owns.

More stuff to come as we can uncover it…