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Two weeks left til the spectacle that is Autodesk University, and I’m honestly starting to get a bit excited. Things are a bit different this year for me (2nd time teaching, 3rd time going) as I’m getting in mid-morning of the Monday, so I’m able to participate in many of the Monday activities. Past years I got in late Monday and it seems I missed quite a bit.

What’s happened already?

Autodesk has made acquisitions since the last AU including Firehole Composites, TinkerCAD, and most recently Graitec (structural fabrication and detailing technology) in October and the intent to acquire Delcam, I’m not in the Architechtural space but Graitec seems a “nice” addition but not ground shaking like the Delcam news. Although I think this will be like the HSM acquistion in that we really won’t learn much about Autodesk’s intent with Delcam for some time. Oh I’m sure there will be portfolio simplification and hopefully some tools making its way into Inventor Pro, but we probably won’t know much more until the spring… I don’t think the deal is even official yet. However, Delcam should be front and center with HSM and the other CAM suppliers.

With two weeks left Autodesk must have an acquisition or two left in them?. Maybe they cough up $4-Billion for SnapChat? remember SocialCAM? you never know (I’m just joking, they won’t buy SnapChat)

So what are some possibilities? Jitterbit is a real possibility. But lets go bold (“go big or go home“)… what if they bought Netsuite? That would be making a bold statement in the PLM-ERP market. If you were to make a wish for Autodesk to buy, who would it be?

This year

I’m doing the certification this year… there I said it, now I have to follow through. Last year I just didn’t find the time, and its free, this year I’m making the time to at least take the 50-multiple question one for both Inventor and AutoCAD.

I hope the keynote this year is better, not that last year’s was a disaster it just wasn’t as inspiring as two years ago.

Two years ago I went with the mission to see and learn as much about Data Management I could and came a way with a good feeling of validation, that yes we were on the right track, that yes we were doing the things we should be doing, and picked up a few tips and tricks on the way. Last year was all about PLM360 and although we’re not on it yet, I got a really clear picture of what it is and what it isn’t. This year? not sure yet. I’ve got a little bit of CAM, a little bit of Technical Illustration, a couple classes of my own to teach, resulting in a real grab bag of stuff.

I want to talk CAM, I want to talk PLM, I want to talk PDM, and I want to talk Technical Illustration. My goal is to get as much information about these subjects as possible. Not the salesy stuff, you can get that anywhere. I want to get the real stuff… what people are doing, how they are using it. So if you are in Vegas this year and are involved in any of these areas look me up and lets talk.

Two weeks to go, and I’m making a list (of classes), and checking it twice!