Lenovo is announcing some new mobile goodness at SIGGRAPH 2015. 2 new ThinkPad mobile workstations:

15” ThinkPad P50 and 17” ThinkPad P70

Lenovo Thinkpad P70 Windows 10

Figure 1: Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Mobile Workstation running Windows 10

The ThinkPad P50 is Lenovo’s thinnest ‘full-functioning’ mobile workstation, and the company says that it’s their lightest as well. The ThinkPad P70 appears to have the same features (not verified) but built on the larger 17” frame, which is what I would prefer. We are not completely certain of which feature exclusions and performance differences lie between the two models as of yet.

Lenovo Thinkpad P50 Windows 10

Figure 2: Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Mobile Workstation running Windows 10

If you are a fan of Lenovo’s robust workstation builds like I am, and you need some power to handle day to day work, you may want to check these features out (per today’s press release):

  • New Intel Xeon processors for mobile workstations
  • NVIDIA Quadro graphics
  • Up to 64GB DDR4 ECC memory @ 2133mhz
  • Up to 1TB of M.2 PCIe storage; 5x faster than current storage
  • 4K UHD IPS Display and FHD Touchscreen options
  • Intel Thunderbolt 3, boasting transfer speeds of 40Gbps
  • Integrated X-Rite Pantone color calibrator
  • FLEX Performance Cooling (dual cooling fans)
  • New Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1500M v5 product family

Lenovo Workstations’ vice president and general manager Victor Ross stated in the press release, “We’ve built features into these machines that were previously unachievable in a notebook, making them the most versatile and highest-performing mobile workstations ever…”

If it will converge and complete a modest transient mechanical event simulation, linear static stress analyses, and a medium complexity CFD run, then it has my attention. We’ll find out about that soon I suspect.