You can define numerous filtered sync folders

There has been quite a bit of anticipation and discussion surrounding what Autodesk would offer with regard to integrating Autodesk Vault into PLM 360 and vice versa. Well finally the wait is over and Autodesk quietly released their Vault Professional Extension ‘PLM 360 Sync’ on the 5th May. To download it you must be on Subscription, so head on over to and get your copy. It interacts with the Bill of Material Items in Vault Professional, so if you haven’t already, get them set up and try it out. Then jump into the discussion forum and talk about it or feel free to comment here on D&M. I’ve been playing around with it for a number of weeks and will share my experience in due course. In the meantime this is what Autodesk have to say about it on the subscription site.


The Autodesk Vault Professional 2013 PLM 360 Extension – PLM 360 Sync – enables customers with Vault Professional 2013 on subscription with a one way synchronization of their Vault item master, complete with metadata and BOM structure, to designated Autodesk PLM 360 Workspaces in order to leverage the information as part of business processes.

I will offer up one tip though, the installer doesn’t launch a readme file, so once installed browse to file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Autodesk/PLM%20360%20Sync/Help-EN/contents.html and have a read through the help file. It turns out theres some very helpful troubleshooting tips in there and help detailing how to configure the Add-in.

Oh and once its installed, go to your start menu and search for ‘Services’ then scroll down the list and start the ‘PLM 360 Sync Service’ Service.

Make sure you start the Service before launching Vault

Brian Schanen has created a handy video to help with implementing this add in, so check it out.

It appears some people are having issues with the installer, it works perfectly for some people but then for others the PLM 360 Sync tool menu entry doesn’t appear in the Tools menu within Vault. I have started a thread about it here.

Edit: My issues may be related to me having had a previous version installed.

Edit: Thanks to a cracking tip from Thomas Rambach (@cadtoolbox) I sorted the problem out:

Right Click on the Toolbar > Customize > Reset

Now my Autodesk PLM 360 Sync options menu entry is exactly where it should be. I wouldn’t have thought resetting the toolbars would also reset the menus, but in Vaults case it does. Make sure you check out Thomas’s Blog