AutoCAD 2012 for Mac

I have not seen Autodesk put so much effort put into a single upcoming event in a long time. So what is Design 816?

AutoCAD for Mac 2012

Yes in deed folks, the Mac port of AutoCAD 2012 is available in three versions. Here is some of the value that has been added to the products in this software release.

AutoCAD 2012 for Mac

Incorporate more features from the PC version of AutoCAD 2012:

  • Auto-complete command entry
  • Multi-function grips
  • Editable UCS Icon
  • External Reference Visor
  • Associative Array Functionality
  • MLeader Enhancements
  • Hatch
  • Creating Preview
  • Export to PDF
  • Network LicensingMSRP: $3995 USD

AutoCAD LT 2012 for Mac

AutoCAD LT still remains a tremendously popular application due to the number of features it contains in relation to the substantially reduced cost from it’s big brother AutoCAD. This Mac version contains a similar feature set to the PC version of AutoCAD LT, as well as the same look and feel.

AutoCAD LT for Mac will be available on the Mac Appstore, and represents the most robust design application available there.

MSRP: $899 USD

AutoCAD WS for Mac

AutoCAD WS Cloud Based MobileAutoCAD WS brings traditional and mobile accessibility to design professionals via the cloud, as well as sharing and collaboration capabilities. The super successful product is now available for the Mac platform, and can be downloaded for free from the Mac Appstore as well. There have been over 2 million downloads of the product in 9 languages. The WS product will operate seamlessly across all the platforms including Web, iOS, Android, and Mac.

Additional features will be available soon when the 1.3 version of WS is released.


“With AutoCAD 2012 for Mac, we’ve seen our productivity increase thanks to the stability of the Mac OS X operating system, and the fact that AutoCAD for Mac is a native application that doesn’t require switching back and forth between operating systems. One of my favorite Mac features is Exposé, which lets me see all the drawings I’m working on at once.” – Jim LaPier, lead designer at Chesapeake Design Group.

Official Facecast

Autodesk has set up a Facebook page for Design 816. More information will be available there. For all those that can’t get there, the webcast will be available right here as well

Additional Screenshots

AutoCAD 2012 for Mac     AutoCAD 2012 for Mac