It’s about time.  The windows OS, MS Office apps, Image files; the virus list goes on and on.  The only place I felt safe was in Autodesk products.

Well apparently that’s out too!

‘Without a net’ reported AutoCAD has it’s own brand of Trojan.  This seems to revolve around China, and AutoCAD is being used as a delivery device through ObjectARX.  The AdWare virus infected machines popup ads while viewing popular Chinese search engines. It is not being reported as a destructive virus, but it is still a problem.  I can see problems on the horizon with this. 

….If I throw my laptop out the window because AutoCAD loaded a bunch of ad-C#$% that I have to wade through….Would that be considered a destructive virus?

Some Anti-Virus programs don’t check ObjectARX loads, this avenue tends to go under the radar until it is too late.   Many suggestions were given on how to protect yourselves.  I won’t restate them all, but will suggest you read and understand the section on your AutoCAD load lisps.

Read the Without a Net article here. 

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One other item rarely mentioned is a Sonic Wall router.  It is expensive, but keeps us pretty clean of incoming tripe.  Google search results bring up all kinds of things; inadvertently visiting some odd site can result with your router getting searched for an opening.  Sonic Wall helps reduce our problems with outside attacks.