This is just an organization idea, not a revelation.  I was tired of posting problems, and wanted to post something useful.

Problem with exchanging construction data

I used to rewrite all the data out to the crews, and give them a new file.  I had to bring in the old file each time, recover all the check data for review, as well as any new control.  A genuine PITA.  I did not mind so much, but once in a while the crews would level through horizontal control, and revised elevations.  I’d miss those.  The next day was quite frustrating if they did not notice my mistake.

I decided to stop the madness by exporting only new data, and merging the data into their files.  They have 2 free ranges; 1 for control, and 1 for recollect checks.  I have 1 free range for calcs.  This way I can merge the points without worry of overwrite.  When I need the recollects, I pickup new control at the same time, so those control points show up on the calc plots.

Export Group

Each time I export the NEW data, I assign the NEW point to an export group, from which I export out of.  The trick is to use this as an organizational tool.  I have assigned sort point and label styles, and the group lies below the All Points group.

I never change the group content until I set new data.  This way anyone can see the last thing sent out to the field. Once I decide to create new output data, I start by resetting the inclusion query of the group.  This is usually done by number range, and I increment the lower numbers as needed, and keep the upper number at the top of my free range.  I hit the Point List, find the last number included, and then change the lower number matching to be the next available point.  When the group is updated, it goes blank.

As I add more points, the group fills, but take on the properties of their calc groups (remember this group is below the _All Points so the plot colors and styles are correct).  When I am done, I publish out to DWF, and then I push the Export group to the top, Update and regen.  Now I can evaluate graphically the data about to be sent to the crews.


Notice in the image above, the point not included.  I missed my range by 1 point (because I forgot to update the group before setting points, I thought I remembered the range properly).  The red points are what is controlled by the export group.

Now when I export, I get what is highlighted. The next time someone gets in the drawing, they are immediately greeted with the last thing exported.

Another idea is to post the exported range into the Description each time an export goes out.  Maybe add a date as well. This way you don’t have to remember what the last point range was.