Right oh, its approaching that time of year again, when the lucky get to go to Autodesk University in Las Vegas and the unlucky get to sit at home and ignore their social media feeds for fear of being over come with jealousy and hatred. Well… I’m delighted to say I’m one of the lucky ones this year, I have to work my butt off for it though, which will hopefully be to the benefit of those attending the classes John & I will be teaching.

So now my flights & accommodation are sorted (pending any horrid unforeseen & cruel circumstances) I thought it would be a good idea to let the loyal followers of D&M which classes we will be teaching. I will be leading the charge for 2 classes, with John thankfully joining me for the other (I’m not sure I would have coped without his fountain of obscure Simulation knowledge).


So here they are:

PL1700 – A Cracking Story: Specialist Marine Interiors Experience with Autodesk® Vault Professional and Autodesk® PLM 360

They say it takes people, process, and technology for any new implementation to be successful; my experience has taught me that the reality is exactly in that order. In this class, you will learn about our experiences in implementing and managing Autodesk Vault Professional software and training our staff to use it. Drawing on experiences from our implementation of Autodesk PLM 360, we will discuss Specialist Marine Interiors’ experience throughout the implementation. You will hear what we have achieved and how we got there, including lessons learned and best practices. We will also cover the details of how to set up workspaces in Autodesk PLM 360, including configuration details and concepts.
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MA2340 – A Round-Trip Through a Real-Life Autodesk Workflow

Autodesk® PLM 360 to Autodesk® Inventor® to Autodesk® Simulation software with data managed by Autodesk® Vault then closing the loop back to PLM 360. Have you ever wondered if people actually employ a full workflow from concept to completion using several Autodesk tools, software and solutions along the way? Come and learn how it’s done with Scott Moyse and John Evans from the Design & Motion blog.
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We hope to see you there guys!