I know those that are watching is expecting some kind of post about the events today, and I agree. There was SO MUCH stuff flying that it was take notes, tweet, or die.  One person noted it was like a fire hose. 

I just met this person at AEC that…

I just met some really cool people that had tremendous answers and some seriously awesome insight into the future of AEC.  I’d like to say the current design processes as well, but after talking with them, I see that little of today is affecting the development process of the applications. Their focus is the future, and they are looking far into the distance.  It was really wonderful to speak with some of these folks on a personal level about issues that often perplex many in the community. 

The Events..

I am overzealous, so take this with a grain of salt, but it was like taking my 9 year old and sending him to an invitation only Disney day.  OK, I’m juvenile, but I don’t care.  It was fun.  There was so much happening.  They started with BIM in the morning, which I do love.  Then after dinner (that’s lunch to all of you), I got to sit in on a plant discussion, and then off to a future project chat with the development team.  After I tortured those poor folks ( and I mean tortured them), they kindly sent me back to  the public events where I was just in time to see the person I really wanted to watch packing up.  Pity. 

I’ll give some specific information about the day tonight when I return.  Let’s just leave you with this thought,

If you had a question you really wanted to ask, this was the place to do it.  They answered almost any question that came at them, and very thoroughly.