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How do I deal with style differences in Autodesk Inventor?

Scott explains why Autodesk Inventor returns an error stating style definitions differ in the template from those in the style library, as well as sharing a fixContinue Reading

Review of Eagle Point Pinnacle Series Business Edition

Looking for better training and support for your AEC Engineering team, or simply need faster results? John looks at Eagle Point’s solution to getting customized training and support right to your desktop.Continue Reading

Max Morgan! A Minimalist Guide to rendering in 3ds Max

This is the first time Peter has written for Design and Motion. He has contributed in the background a few times, but he lands on our pages with a BANG hooking up our readers with an excellent rip, shit & bust tutorial showing how easy it is to knock out a photorealistic rendering for the Morgan 3 Wheeler Ad design competition. 3ds Max is an intimidating beast the first time you launch it, Peter’s tutorial cuts through all of that. Enjoy!Continue Reading

Inventor on roids! CAD and Excel have never worked this well together

Gavin Bath gives us all a lesson in awesomeness. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS AMAZING USE OF iLOGIC and embedded Excel spreadsheets, and how it closes the design loop, providing engineers with real-time feedback on key aspects of their design. (This ain’t your typical spreadsheet link, this thing is brilliant)Continue Reading

Inventor | Materials Editor Navigation

Scott continues with the Materials & Appearance theme with a quick tour around the revised for 2014 Material Browser & Editor user interface.Continue Reading

Inventor | Appearance In-canvas overrides

Scott has created a tutorial for one of his favorite tools to have been released with Inventor 2013 & 2014. The Adjust & Clear tools simplify the management of Appearances at the model levelContinue Reading