imageMore Contests !! in conjunction with other sponsors including GrabCAD is hosting a new design contest called “Awesome Sauce”. Josh Mings, the editor extraordinaire wants you sauciest, best design ideas that make young people drool at the chance to step up and develop new designs of their own.


Feeling up to the challenge? He’s not asking you to do it for free. Among many prize packages, there is a cash prize of 500 smackaroos and free licenses of software such as Solidworks and Keyshot. There’s a Space Pilot Pro 3D mouse in there too.  Seven Packages total.


The contest starts NOW and ends September 9th, 2011. That gives everyone a lot more time than that deck vent contest. grrrr. Crank up those workstations and get your groove on. This should prove to be one awesome contest.


Be sure to read Solidsmack’s rules before getting carried away.

Awesome Sauce Contest Rules on Site to upload your models