New Lenovo Thinkstation P330 Family


Lenovo launched a new family of entry-level workstations: Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tower, Small Form Factor (SFF) and Tiny.

Although the workstations continue to drop in size, Lenovo recognizes that you still require superior reliability and performance. This line of ThinkStations include a decrease in the size of up to 30%, yet provides outstanding performance in one of the smallest chassis on the market.

ThinkStation P330 Tower Game dev

What’s in the Box?

The ThinkStation P330 series utilize the new Intel Xeon E processor and recently introduced 8th Generation Intel Core processors. This means that even with the reduction in size, there is a 44 percent increase in performance. Cannot forget to mention the benefits of the Intel Optane memory providing a faster, smoother and more responsive PC experience.

“The new Intel Xeon E processor delivers a powerful combination of performance and capabilities for entry workstations,” said Jennifer Huffstetler, Vice President of Datacenter Product Marketing, Intel Corporation.

The ThinkStation P330 Tower and SFF also come equipped with the latest and fastest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. The ThinkStation P330 Tower and SFF workstations also offer up to 64GB DDR4 memory and multiple storage bays supporting cutting-edge storage technology – including M.2 NVMe directly on the motherboard along with Flex module support for easy customization. The Tiny also continues to pack a punch with up to 2TB of M.2 NVMe SSD storage and the NVIDIA Quadro P620 GPU – supporting the use of up to six independent displays.

The Tiny, which is appropriately named, provides additional mounting options including fitting it behind a monitor or under a desk.

ThinkStation P330 Tiny Hero Pencil

Three Choices – What Do You Need?


ThinkStation P330 Tower Hero _Front_facing_left

For those needing raw processing power for their CAD applications, consider the ThinkStation P330 Tower. Lenovo built this product for small-to-medium sized firms in need of a CAD workhorse.

ThinkStation P330 SFF Tour Front_Forward_Facing

Smaller than the Tower, the ThinkStation P330 SFF is the option for those needing more expandability of the Tiny. Still great in tight spots or small offices, the P330 SFF is a high-performing engineering workstation offering advanced power and productivity at entry-level value.

The ThinkStation P330 Tiny is the solution for a range of uses including the fast and emerging area of intelligent edge solutions. Think of this as the boardroom solution for architecture and engineering firms searching for a small, packed-with-power, workstation.


The Specs

The ThinkStation P330 Series will be available in August, but see below for some quick specs:

  • 8th Gen Intel Xeon E and Core processors
  • Up to NVIDIA Quadro P4000 VR-Ready graphics within the Tower
  • Up to dual NVIDIA Quadro P1000 graphics support on the SFF
  • P330 Tiny supports the NVIDIA Quadro P620 graphics, powering up to 6 independent displays
  • New M.2 NVMe storage directly on the motherboard for SFF and Tower

Tower: 10.6kg (23.4lb) | H 376mm x W 165mm x D 328mm [H 14.8” x W 6.5” x D 12.9”]

Small Form Factor (SFF): 6kg (13.2lb) | H 343.5mm x W 92.5mm x D 305.6mm [H 13.5” x W 3.7” x D 12.0”]

Tiny: 1.32KG / 2.9 lbs | H 35mm x 179mm x 183mm [1.4” x 7.1” x 7.2”]