Picture of me 3-1Scott Moyse was helping me with various Vault issues such as Item implementation. After a few discussions I found that he had not only beaten through many of the same issues I was struggling with, but that he had a whole new bag of tricks waiting.

Scott Moyse is the Design Manager for SMI Group, a Super Yacht Interiors company in New Zealand. His background is in Motorsport Engineering & CNC programming. Scott has been using various Autodesk software for 9 years, most recently he has been implementing Vault Pro.

After putting together a paper to help people with one of the issues surrounding Vault and Inventor, he’s agreed to share some of that valuable knowledge here on Design & Motion.  I think his work will be a great compliment to this site. Please welcome him here with some great comment chatter.

You can follow Scott on Twitter @scottmoyse and via email  scott_moyse1 [at] hotmail [dot] com