When you rebuild a user profile, you can copy your settings, including your Autodesk Vault Saved Search folder backup, to a new profile. This works for sharing your setup with others as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Profile Backup for Saved Search Folders

Backup your entire existing/old user profile so that all of your Vault settings can be recovered. If you can’t manage the entire profile, then at least grab the few folders you need for Vault. These should include the VaultCommon folder data:


The “UserName” refers to the old or new user profile respectively. Once that folder is copied to a safe place, you can restore your saved search folders by overwriting the files of the new user profile in the similar folder path.

Warning: The Saved Searches should not present a problem being overwritten, however there are other profile folders that react oddly to being restored this way. That’s a discussion for another day.

Roaming Profile Notes

There are two items that should be noted in the path above:

  1. Services_Security_1_6_2017” is dated when Vault was established on the profile. The date portion will vary, don’t worry. In most cases you’d be looking to copy the latest dated folder.
  2. “<VaultServerName>” can vary depending on how you enter your server name. If it is a domain name that needs to be resolved, that name will appear in the list. If you have an odd licensing issue, and try to resolve a possible DNS problem by entering your server IP address directly, then you’ll have both. It does matter which folder you copy your data to as I found out. So I copied it to both.


This is a simple solution to copy your Autodesk Vault Saved Search folder backup and share them with others or restore these to a new user profile. I keep a backup updated to capture occasional changes. This helps a lot with users that have no idea how to (or just don’t want to know how to) configure their Vault Client.

I am now wondering about that Vault server name issue, and if the Vault Client will respond to different settings found in each of the server addresses. This is DEFINITELY sounding like prank material: “Mark, you should try logging in with the server IP instead…. Wow, how did THAT work?”.


Jason Courtemanche was kind enough to give us this tip:


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