Did you know that Simulation CFD 360 will notify you when your job is completed on the cloud?  The Simulation Job Manager will show you the current status of the solve, but that is like watching water boil. Perhaps you are out doing something but need to return to your project and interpret the results as soon as the rsults are in.

Simulation Notifications

CFD has a handy dialog that you can enter your information into, for which the system will email you the status of your cloud calculations.

Simulation CFD 360 email

Ribbon –> Setup Tab –> Simulation Panel –> Notifications

You add you account user name and password, and then:

  • Your email address
  • At what point in the process you want to be notified
  • What interval to send a convergence plot

That’s all there is to it. Head for Harry’s Pub and grab a cold one. CFD will email you when it’s time to get back to work.