imageAutodesk Labs has announced an update version of Simulus is available. This will be the first round of improvements since this brilliant software has been publicly available.

Addressed Items

The following is a list of issues that address comments on the Labs site and feedback emails:

    • Incorrect .NET4 install
    • Inventor files (created with localized OS settings) import issues
    • Browser still shows all components set to “Steel, Alloy” but all components have “Copper, Alloy” override in Material Overrides dialog
    • Isn’t possible to re-submit running job in case that four jobs are running
    • Remove extraneous messages from the Study log file
    • Solver improvements
    • Log-in issues
    • Compare view arrangement issues
    • Simulus crash when creating a new simulation study using an existing share sim. model
    • Missing pill command/HUD for LSS-loads after double-click to the glyph
    • Only one component highlighted in the scene for material overrides and components are not categorized by material type
    • Broken video links
    • Post processing performance improvements

Download the updated Project Simulus via Autodesk Labs

Image and information provided by Autodesk Inc