imageAutodesk announced that ForceEffect 2.2 was available for the iPhone/iPad platforms. I wasn’t too concerned with the announcement until I realized that the update contained actual big ticket enhancements.

ForceEffect 2.2 improvements

  • Shear Force and Moment diagram reporting (top user requested enhancement)
  • Autodesk 360 preview pictures can be used as the diagram background
  • Improved access to set the diagram background

Android Version

I went to the Android site, and tried to determine if the better platform version was updated too. The site said version 2.2.3 was current, but I found nothing announcing an update. So I fired up my Android ForceEffect, and what-do-you-know? The Android version was already updated when I flipped it on. Very sneaky; very cool.

Android version available on Google Play




Past version update

I failed to notice or mention that ForceEffect permits the application of weight to members in lieu of applying forces. The app is really coming along beautifully.