The Subentities Selection tool is a fantastic addition to Autodesk Simulation Mechanical (formerly Algor). This allows you to select all dependent entities of a particular type, from whatever objects you have already selected.

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2013 Tip

For example, in the image above , I have selected a support PART, but need the surfaces within the part. I simply pick the SURFACE Subentity tool, and now my selection is comprised of all the surfaces on that part. No need to isolate the part or hunt all the surfaces down.

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2013 TipThis works well with multiple selections too. I needed to apply nodal weight to 5 shelves, at the nodes of their upper surface only. That would be a serious PITA. However, using Subentity Selection, I was done with the complete selection in a snap.

I set my selection to surface, picked the 5 surfaces, then picked the Node subentity selection from the right-click context menu, and then picked Add Nodal Weight using the same context menu.

5 picks, and 2 context menus – > Done !

This tools cleans up so many other workflows as well, like Selection Groups, Contact Surfaces, and much more.

Give it a try.

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2013 Tip