imageLate last year, Autodesk introduced ForceEffect for the iPad and iPhones. I reviewed the app and had a few conversations with the Autodesk team members about the really cool functionality. I have to admit that I’ve been plagued by a lingering jealousy, as I am devoid of iAnything.

Needless to say when I heard the announcement this week that Autodesk finally released the Android version of ForceEffect, I got a little excited. I was still a bit reserved, as the last Android phone I had wouldn’t run many of the new Autodesk apps because it was older. I went to the Android market, and loaded it, hoping for the best.

Autodesk ForceEffect on Android

DAMN, that’s thing is COOL !!

I headed for my statics text book, and loaded up one of the problems that I had run through with the HP in the past.

How’s it perform?

The results were dead on, and no lagging on my HTC Ultimate II what-so-ever.

Come to think of it, there are a few more Autodesk apps that I need to check out for the Android.


Here’s the Google Play link that will send ForceEffect to your Android phone.