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Inventor | Windows 8 is Here

Being a geek that I am, I always like to try out new things that are offered to me digitally. Therefore I was very keen to try the new Windows 8.
I had a chance to play around with Windows 8 Developer Preview, which was a completely different from the final release. The major drawback was the lack of support for legacy software. That included my favorite – Autodesk Inventor.

At the moment I am using Windows 8 Enterprise and I am loving every single bit of it. Yesterday I installed Autodesk Inventor 2013, 3DConnexion mouse drivers, and all the remaining software that I had previously installed on Windows 7. Everything worked like a charm. 1

.NET Support

The main problem with the Developer Preview was that “.NET” and its compatibility with software. Most of the Windows 7 applications use .NET Framework 3.5, 3.0, or 2.0. However Windows 8 comes with .NET Framework 4.5. The operating system would refuse a .NET downgrade and programs used to crash. The good guys at Microsoft corrected that issue, and now all you need to do is choose the right option during software installation, and Windows will install the legacy .NET Framework (This message will pop up when you will try to install software that requires old .NET Framework for the first time).

Should the setup fail, you can always install it via Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on and off: (then just turn on “.NET Framework 3.5”, which includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)

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It is as simple as that. Next, run Autodesk Inventor setup and install 3DConnexion drivers as usual (make sure you run all the setup files “as Administrator”). They will tell you, that the OS is not supported, which is true, but I chose to ignore that and enjoy my software on the shiny new Windows 8. Everything works great, but you will not get any help from the tech guys if something goes wrong.

If you want to try Autodesk software on Windows 8, please do it at your own risk.

Compatibility Mode

Should you have any problems installing other software, there is a quick fix – “Compatibility mode”. It can be found in .exe’s properties > Compatibility tab > Compatibility mode. Click the checkbox and select Windows 7. That should eliminate any other small issues that might pop up.



Here is a screenshot of Autodesk Inventor 2013 and a Twitter app running side-by-side on Windows 8. Enjoy!

  • mz7thc

    Hi there,
    I installed Inventor Pro 2013 on Windows 8.
    It crashes when i try to use the frame generator. if I run it in compatibility mode, Frame generator button is greyed out.
    .NET is enabled (all versions).
    Any thoughts on that?

  • Mindaugas Petrikas

    Sorry to hear that. I’ve just tried it myself and it worked perfectly (without compatibility mode). I’m not sure what’s the issue on your machine. There might be a problem with your content library, if it is unable to load it, Inventor may crash.
    Thank you for your comment.

  • mz7thc

    Thanks for your reply.
    I can import parts from the content library with no problems at all. it’s only the frame generator which crashes. Even reinstalling didn’t solve it.

  • I try to turn off .Net Framework 4.5 and leave only .Net Framework 3.5 and try to use compatibility mod – Windows 7 or Windows XP – Inventor doesn’t want to be installed : (

    Sorry, what about i’m using not a professional version? I’m try to instal Autodesk Inventor 2013 Professinal x64.

  • Syah

    Sorry, but how about installing Inventor pro 2012 on win 8 Pro ?
    It always failed…the installation stopped before install Inventor itself

  • John Evans

    Syah, I’ll try to get a reply to that.

  • mark

    Hi there,
    Tried to install AutoCAD 2013 & Inventor Pro 2013 on Windows 8. CAD seemed to install & run just fine, but all I’ve had is problems with regard to Inventor. After finally getting the latter installed,it froze up my internet connection, quite strange. The architecture of Win 8 is the same as Win7, the only difference to my mind is the grafting on of the ‘app’s’. If you or anyone can offer any more advice on installing Inventor Pro 2013 on Win 8 pls let me know. Thanks Mark

  • Mindaugas Petrikas

    It shouldn’t be a about the version of Inventor. What is the error message you are getting?
    Thank you for commenting

  • Mindaugas Petrikas

    I remember Inventor Pro 2012 not running on Windows 8 Pro due to Inventor not recognizing the version of OS. You will have to wait for a fix. Autodesk is now providing support for some of its 2013 products, I’m sure it will start supporting some of the 2012 as well.

    See the list here:

    Thank you for your comment, good luck.

  • Mindaugas Petrikas

    Hi Mark,
    The installation of Inventor Pro 2013 is pretty straight forward, no need to change anything. It is strange that you are having problems. My suggestion would be to try reinstalling it, try the compatibility mode or check the .NET settings. As I cannot see the error you are receiving, nor how Inventor responds, I am not much help, I’m afraid.

  • neko

    ijust upgraded to windows 8, and installed inventor 2012, everything installed without a problem, but when i opened the program and clicked the application menu, it crashed,
    i can do everything else, open, save, use the rest of the software, but the application menu crashed everytime i click it, anyone else having this issue?

  • Tobi

    I installed the inventor 2012 student version on win 8 but it doesn´t crash when I click the application menu.
    I tried every genarator like gear and frame and I have no problems until now. My system is a sony vaio with an i3 and a radon hd 6470m.

  • Mindaugas Petrikas

    Hi all.
    If you are still having problems with Inventor 2013 and Windows 8, Try this Update. It’s Inventor 2013 Service Pack Update 1.1. Please follow the link to download the package:

  • Eric

    I just installed Autodesk Inventor 2013 on Windows 8 successfully. My only issue is that ray tracing, shadows, realistic view, and the inventor studio do not work. Every time I try to enable shadows I am prompted with a graphics hardware test window. I have compatibility mode on, I’ve also tried software graphics, but nothings seems to work. I’ve also tried running the program in windows 7 compatibility mode. Any advice?

  • Mindaugas Petrikas

    Hi Eric,
    I had this problem with earlier Inventor version running on Windows 7. This is definitely a problem with your video card drivers (or the card itself, but hopefully it’s not). Try updating your drivers or downloading (you can even try beta versions).

    Thanks, good luck.

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