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AutoCAD Deep Dive Series: Creating Blocks

Here it is, Mike’s first post in the new AutoCAD Deep Dive Series, covering AutoCAD’s extremely handy Blocks. To successfully use the stalwart of CAD applications, becoming proficient at creating, managing and interacting with blocks is an absolute must for any AutoCAD user worth their salt. So if you are sweet AutoCAD user, then stick with us and you’ll be a salty AutoCAD dog in due course!

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Autodesk Vault Copy Design 2.0 (aka Vault 2015 R2)

Most people have a real love-hate relationship with Vault’s Copy Design… its big, clunky, and very slow…. but its still better to use than manually copying and renaming files. With this mid-year release Autodesk set out to build a bigger, stronger, and much faster Copy Design and voila we have it now in Vault 2015 R2! So what does Mike think about it?

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AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive Series: Layer States

Mike serves up his second AutoCAD layers dish with this post detailing how you can leverage the Layer State controls within your daily CAD workflows.In this continuing series on AutoCAD Layers, we’re taking a deep dive into not just using layers, but using all the tools at our disposal, simply to be as efficient as possible. The one constant thing about layers, is they are in a constant state of change… When you find yourself repeating the process of performing repetitive layer state changes to a group of layers, you need to look at using Layer States.

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