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Cannot generate Vault report from the template in Inventor 2014

Autodesk Inventor 2014 Vault Professional Report Failed

Just after Autodesk University 2013 I got a brand new and shiny HP ZBook 15″ Mobile Workstation. It came pre-installed with Windows 8 which is was very happy with, I know there are still some issues to iron out with Autodesk software and this version of Windows, there are even more with Windows 8.1. Nevertheless, I’m happy to figure those out & help Autodesk iron them out as well. I had a task to work on for a customer which involved investigating the use of Vault reports to generate an drawing register for all drawings associated to a selected or active assembly.

The Problem

Until then I hadn’t tried running a Vault report in Inventor 2014 on Windows 8. It stopped me dead in my tracks, with the following error:

Cannot generate report from the template. Please make sure your template is valid.

So off I toddled to the Autodesk Community Forums to perform a search using those exact words. Sure enough I came across a thread detailing a fix. It didn’t work for me initially so I got in touch with Senthil directly to see if he could help me out. Sure enough he did. So I thought I would pay it forward and create a video sharing how it’s done as well as some written instructions.

The Fix

1. Run the command prompt As Administrator

2. Type this in the command prompt

netsh http show urlacl

Cannot Generate Report Inventor 2014 Vault Report Failed  show urlacl


You should NOT see the following line in that list (since it not being there is why this fix will work).

Cannot Generate Report Inventor 2014 Vault Report Failed3. Now type the following in the command prompt

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:8000/inventor user=<Machine Name>\<User Name> OR

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:8000/inventor user=<Domain Name>\<User Name>

Cannot Generate Report Inventor 2014 Vault Report Failed


4. You should see the following after executing the command

Cannot Generate Report Inventor 2014 Vault Report Failed


5. Now try step 2 again.

Cannot Generate Report Inventor 2014 Vault Report Failed


now you SHOULD see the following URL in the list:

Cannot Generate Report Inventor 2014 Vault Report Failed6. Launch Inventor and try to run the Vault report again


Hopefully this will have solved your problem.

Thanks to Senthil Kumar and the Autodesk team for helping out with this solution, very quickly I might add.


Autodesk Inventor 3D Connexion Registry Hack

Inventor 3D Connexion

Way back in 2009 I posted a question on the Autodesk Community Forums asking if there was a way to auto reset the view center in Inventor. The reason I asked is because without that option in perspective view (the only way to get the camera inside the object) you ‘run of of zoom’. As is often the case with the forums, the users came through with a solution. Fortunately for me, Autodesk had just implemented a registry key setting which allowed users to enable the exact behaviour I was after. Oddly all these years later the setting still hasn’t made it into the Application Options dialogue, considering the number of Inventor users who have a 3D Connexion device they use on a daily basis is quite surprising.

The Hack

Four years on and having used this workaround with no issues throughout, I think it’s about time I shared this registry hack with the 3D Connexion & Inventor community. So thank you to ‘Dick Upton’ for sharing this with me in the first place.

  1. In Inventor, take a screenshot of your settings in Tools > Application Options > Display > 3D Navigation.
  2. Close Inventor.
  3. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type ‘regedit’ and launch the application.
  4. Navigate in the registry to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\Inventor\RegistryVersionXX.0\System\ Preferences\Display] (Replace XX.0 with the current version).
  5. Write down the Hexadecimal value for the “Viewing Command Options” Key.
  6. Change this DWORD to Hexadecimal value of 21.
  7. Open Inventor and check the settings at Tools > Application Options > Display > 3D Navigation.
  8. Due to the changing the value to 21, some of your viewing preferences may have been changed. Compare the current settings to the ones in the screenshot you took and revert them where needed.
  9. Close Inventor.
  10. If you want, you can now go back to the registry and take note of the new value for the “Viewing Command Options” Key so you can use that instead of 21 next time.

As with all registry changes, use this at your own risk. Make sure you take a backup of the registry before making any changes, just in case something goes wrong.

For your convenience here is a registry file I’ve prepared for use with Autodesk Inventor 2014. It will set everything up for you & set the following options in the Display settings:

Inventor App Options Display Settings

Action Shot

Vote For Change

I’ve created an idea in the Autodesk Inventor IdeaStation. If you think this work flow is a bit of a pain, or you work in a large company with loads of 3D Connexion devices and are just fed up with having to do this on each workstation, then please give this idea some Kudos to convince Autodesk they need to sort it out.


Vault | Export config from ADMS error

No worries, this error can be easily dealt with

If you’re trying to export your Autodesk Vault 2012 configuration from the ADMS console, but it throws the error “An error occurred when applying configuration. See the log for detail.” then read on. It’s a bug and there is a relatively easy way to fix it. First of all go to your Console log and have a rummage through it, yeah I know its intimidating, but its really not that bad if you ignore most of the techno babble and focus on the words you understand.

So how do you fix it?

In this case just look for the longest line towards the bottom of the log file.

Just look for the longest line in the Console Log then scroll to the right

In my case the error detail is as follows:

System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘ID_RULESET_DISPLAYNAME_PART’ Key being added: ‘ID_RULESET_DISPLAYNAME_PART’
at System.Collections.Hashtable.Insert(Object key, Object nvalue, Boolean add)

This in itself isn’t that helpful until you start thinking about what is being exported in the configuration which uses the name ‘Part’. Clearly that could be quite a few things. So here it is:

‘Part’ File Rule
‘Part’ Item Rule

The trouble is there are two rules with the same name. Even though they are in different sections of the Rules dialogue, it appears using the same Rule names between Files, Items & Folders isn’t supported at the moment. Before you get carried away, you can’t just rename the rule since that doesn’t change the ID within the SQL Database. You have to delete the rule and recreate it with a different name. This is where potentially a best practice of using prefixes on Rule names could help, however, having had this submitted to the Autodesk Support tema, I believe its correctly regarded as a bug rather than the result of using an unsupported naming convention. I believe this bug is also reproducible with Autodesk Vault 2013.

This has happened to me a number of times, I kept on forgetting the actual cause, so figured I should write a blog post to help others out and confine it to memory.

Simulation | Missing Material Library Error

imageAutodesk Simulation Multiphysics and Inventor make a great pair, allowing use of Level of Detail Representations to direct specific assembly configurations to be analyzed easily. Unfortunately, if you are like me and are making changes and re-introducing them into Simulation, sometimes things can get a bit haywire.

Recently I received an error while trying to edit the material of the components in Simulation, and received an error that stated something like “Trying to edit the definition of a Bricks and Tetrahedral Mesh where a material property was not defined”. Well, I WAS trying to edit the material, but when I’d get past the error, the materials library was gone. Nobody home.

Save and Restart

Since the Simulation file already contains many of the settings from previous sessions, when the model was reissued from Inventor, Simulation was started, and the old Simulation file was opened with the old settings, but with new model changes. Occasionally the wires get crossed. Save the Simulation file WITH THE NEW INVENTOR CHANGES, and close the application. Open Simulation and then open the saved file. This will now allow Simulation to read the model and settings properly. The materials library should show up again.

Vault | Professional 2012 Numbering Scheme Fix

Autodesk Vault Professional 2012 NumberingIf you’ve had trouble like me trying to add a custom numbering scheme to Autodesk Vault Professional 2012, then you should take a look at this hotfix from Autodesk Support:

Autodesk Support Hotfix for Vault Numbering Schemes

The Symptoms involved trying to create another Numbering Scheme, and after creating it, the thing would disappear.  In my case, I had a test scheme in place, and was trying to add my corrected version. Autodesk says that it retains the original custom scheme.

You will have to restart everything in order for this to work. Additionally, read the readme. There are special instructions regarding the database. I didn’t read them and the fix didn’t work until I completed these instructions.

Inventor | Sheet Metal Folded Edge Bug

As you may recall, I had put together a model of the M13 Ammunition Linkage for a GrabCAD user, and as a result found a problem. I could not reference certain edges that were folded in Autodesk Inventor Sheet metal, but were by all accounts just simple bends. There was no good reason for this,… Continue Reading

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