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Simulus | Tech Preview 2 is Here

Autodesk Labs announced yesterday that Project Simulus is now available in its second release state. I did love the first, and made a few suggestions before being completely swallowed up by other CAE software projects.

Since not having time to dive into the new release, I thought I would browse the new features list for things that I know we needed.

Autodesk Labs Project Simulus Results

Figure 1: Ok, so I had a little time to play.

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Simulus | Labs Update 1

imageAutodesk Labs has announced an update version of Simulus is available. This will be the first round of improvements since this brilliant software has been publicly available.

Addressed Items

The following is a list of issues that address comments on the Labs site and feedback emails:

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Autodesk Labs | Great Titles

While downloading a new install of Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2013, I decided to snoop about on Autodesk Labs to see what else is hiding in the massive list of free software. I am always amazed at how the Labs list has grown. I decided to select some current titles just in the hopes of encouraging a few of you to try something new.

Selected Labs Titles


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Simulation | Convection Coefficient Calculator

Have you been missing me on twitter lately? I have been buried under a lot of homework preparing a spreadsheet for buoyant convection in steady state thermal analyses. I needed these factors to help a few companies out, and to continue testing Autodesk Project Simulus.

Why a Calculator for Simulus?

imageWhile Autodesk Simulation Mechanical will let you draw your parameters from a library and calculate them with the built-in convection calculator, it’s faster to generate them on this spreadsheet, and Simulus does not provide any libraries or calculators.

So, I thought I’d clean my spreadsheet disaster up a bit, and let everyone have this spreadsheet for their use.

How does it work?

The spreadsheet is designed to compliment the Autodesk format of units, which revolve around millimeters, and not meters. The inputs are synonymous with the Simulation Mechanical product, as well are the output factors. Simulus accepts the same unit format.

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Project Simulus | Autodesk Unreal New Simulation Environment

Autodesk has been closely guarding a new simulation product for a while now, and only permitting the slightest glimpses to be released. In December of last year following Autodesk University, I offered one of those glimpses, and then had to clam up until now. Now, Autodesk announced that Project Simulus has been released to the Autodesk Labs group for testing.

Autodesk Project Simulus

Simulus is a new simulation environment, and is basically composed of the following:

  • Autodesk Fusion container
  • Autodesk Simulation Mechanical solver
  • Autodesk’s really bad ass ‘Functional Container Environment’ UI. That’s what I’ve named it, and I’ll shorten it to FunC-E. (pronounced ‘funky’). Let’s see if it catches on before the company flames me for it.
  • Simulation Job Manager and cloud computing

If you liked Fusion and you Simulation Mechanical, then you don’t need much more encouragement, just go get it.

For the remainder of users out there, I’ll offer a few more details

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Autodesk Labs | Interactive Terrain Shaping for Civil 3D

imageAutodesk Labs has just released what might turn out to be a fantastic new method of developing site grading in AutoCAD Civil 3D. The Interactive Terrain Shaping tools.

Many have argued that Civil 3D needed more interactive, drag and drop features, and this preview just might be the start of a new way of developing grading plans in the future. Check out my initial write up on the preview at Civil, and head over to Labs to give it a try.

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