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Fusion | Performance Problems Resolved

imageAutodesk Inventor Fusion is a really cool application that guides the many aspect of product development at Autodesk. It is also a sweet direct modeling platform and, it’s free. When it came out I was pretty excited by the prospects and got on the Fusion Bandwagon.

Once the earlier ‘radial menu system‘ gave way for the marking menu version, the overall performance of my Fusion install went to hell.This correlated to the installation of Fusion 2012 from the Product Design Suite.

The symptoms were as follows:

  • Very sluggish performance
  • Poor results from Feature Recognition
  • Feature recognition for non-Inventor solids did not function at all
  • Simplify interface did not function

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Fusion | New Preview Unveiled at Autodesk University 2011

Kevin Schneider announced new features for Autodesk Fusion at Autodesk University 2011. The new product will incorporate three new improvements.  Cloud, Assemblies, and Mac.

Before getting to the goods, Kevin relayed an interesting statistic. Autodesk Labs delivers 3500 downloads each week for Fusion, making it one of the three top Autodesk Labs products of all time. Where else are you going to get a full featured direct modeler with super interoperability for free. No brainer.

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Inventor | The dreaded ‘Use Color Override from source component’ annoyance.

If you ever thought that the Autodesk support and development team doesn’t listen, then I’m here to say its just not true. With the release of Inventor 2012 we noticed what we believed to be a feature regression. It turns out the behavior we had become accustomed to and preferred was as a result of a bug. Naturally, the dev guys at Autodesk prefer to fix bugs than not, so from Inventor 2011 SP1 onwards the behavior we preferred disappeared. Now I’m not sure how we didn’t notice it until the release of 2012 but I will give them the benefit of the doubt, since they do listen to our woes after all.

Using the appropriate channels to voice our inconvenience, I managed to get Autodesk to see the problem with the way they had ‘fixed’ the software. Once we had justified the cost of its affect they set about coming up with a solution for us. All they could do initially was provide some VBA code to fix the affected part files over an over again, at least until the next major release of the software came out (SP1). The fellas over at Being Inventive created a post within days of SP1’s release, they kindly posted a registry file with an explanation of its behavior and how to use it.

Today I noticed Paul Munford from “The CAD Setter Out” blog had posted on Twitter last week, asking about how to fix this problem. So I told him about the Registry mod and the VBA code that I was provided by Autodesk. I realised the code hadn’t been shared by the Autodesk team and since its required so you don’t loose your sanity fixing up old files, I thought I should share it on my new found information outlet (Cheers John). So, courtesy of the Autodesk support guys in Singapore, here it is:

We ended up using a different version of this code because we wanted to point to a folder and fix all the files contained within. However, this one works on a currently open and active assembly. So go ahead, load this beauty up into your VB project, open the main assembly containing all your ‘tainted’ part files and watch all the color styles get reset to what they should be.

Autodesk University Brazil is Rockin Today

Keep your eyes open for awesome updates on the Autodesk University Brazil 2011 which is going strong right now. Over 1400 people are in Sao Paulo today for this awesome event.

Follow the #AUBrasil hashtag on twitter for all the goods. Dana Probert @civil3diva , Lynn Allen @lynn_allen , Assis Haubert @haubert , and Jefferson Stutz @jefersonstutz  are all there keeping us posted.

image  image

I hope to be there next year to attend with all my wonderful Brazilian friends. I gotta start brushing up on my Portuguese.

Autodesk University 2011 Early Registration Open

Autodesk University 2011 early registration is scheduled to open today, Tuesday, August 30th, 2011. The time has not been released yet.

imageThe classes are first come first serve, so get them while they’re hot.

Autodesk University Main Page

If you have not yet registered as an AU member, you can do so here.

The AU 2011 Class Catalog

As always, I’ll pick through the list and post my favorites. Check back in to make sure you didn’t miss any good ones, like mine.

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