SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies and Structures provide a ton of new things. And this isn’t even counting the improved performance when opening, closing and saving assemblies! Aimed at performance, SOLIDWORKS 2022 gets things done quicker (yet smartly). Here are my favorites.

“Assembly performance has never been better, and SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces simplified approaches to working with lightweight modes. Pattern-driven patterns are enhanced to give you more flexibility. A new Configuration Table enables you to do more with your design without leaving SOLIDWORKS.”


Large Design Review Mode

Introduced in a previous release, use Large Design Review to open very large assemblies quickly, with tools aimed at reviewing the assembly. New in SOLIDWORKS 2022 is the option (right-click menu) to open sub-assemblies from a large design review in the same light-weight mode as the assembly.

As it is not uncommon to be reviewing the assembly and its drawing at the same time, use Detailing Mode to open large drawings quickly. Detailing Mode works with existing drawings in which the views are already created. The model data does not load, but you can add and edit annotations. This is extremely useful to review the drawing and to make minor edits to the drawings of large assemblies, those with many sheets, or drawings with resource-intensive views.

I appreciate that even drawings created in a previous version can be opened in Detailing Mode without first migrating it. Access Detailing Mode from the Open dialog or from an assembly in Large Design Review mode.

Move Components with Precision

Moving Components in SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies is easier with a new Triad. Take the guesswork out by moving components precisely in the X, Y, and Z directions. The Triad appears automatically when selecting components. Hold Ctrl as you drag to create a copy of the component along the specified direction.

Move & Rotate with Triad

Quick Mates Toolbar

The Quick Mates toolbar now includes options to make adjustments before applying the mate. This includes locking the rotation and flipping the mate alignment.

New Options in the Mate Toolbar

To show Add/Finish Mate in the toolbar, go to Tools > Customize and on the Toolbars tab (Context toolbar section) enable Show quick mates and Show OK button.

Smarter Component Patterns

Isn’t it funny when you don’t realize something could be better until it is better? With SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies the selected component for a Pattern Driven Component Pattern automatically becomes the seed for the pattern… even when it’s moved!

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Patterns

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies Configuration Tables

Work smarter, not harder, right? Gone are the days of needing Excel, as you can use the new embedded configuration tables to work with configuration parameters. Now as you make changes you’ll appreciate the real-time updates meaning checking the inputs instantaneously. And, you no longer need to leave the SOLIDWORKS environment.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Configuration Enhancements
Configuration Tables

Excluding a Component from a Bill of Materials

In sticking with configurations, how about a new feature for bills of materials management? A new component-level configuration option allows you to exclude components from the BOM. Meaning you no longer need to set this each time you use the component.

To exclude a component from a bill of materials:

  1. Open a component and select the ConfigurationManager tab.
  2. Right-click a configuration and click Properties.
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Bill of Materials Options, select Set ‘Exclude from bill of materials’ when inserted into assembly.

Did Someone Say Structured Systems?

Many organizations, live-and-breath with weldments and structured systems. So when you can get Structure System improvements making weldment creation faster and easier, it’s a big deal. In SOLIDWORKS 2022 you can now:

  • add end caps members with closed profiles, like tubes, squares, and rectangular tubes
  • work with (upgrade) custom properties of files created in SOLIDWORKS 2017 or earlier
  • enjoy a revamped Corner Management workflow
  • create multiple secondary members using Between Points Member
  • create secondary members with the Up to Members method
  • use the updated BOM interface for quicker creation of detailed cut lists


Now, that’s only my favorites! SOLIDWORKS 2022 is packed full of enhancements, and not just with assemblies. With a real focus on improving everyday workflows, it is definitely worth the upgrade.