The user interface (UI) is by how you and the computer interact. With software, the simpler, the easier, and the more informative the UI, the better. The improved SOLIDWORKS 2022 user interface provides better details, redesigned notifications, and general usability improvements.

“SOLIDWORKS 2022 continues to refine your experience with delighters such as the new Command Search in Shortcut Bar. Enhancements to section view, reference geometry display, Selection Sets, and redesigned notifications will bring you a cleaner and more efficient interface.”


Message Bars and Notifications

The SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface makes it easier to identify and acknowledge details about documents. The new modeless Message Bar appears along the top of the main window, providing information about the active document. These new bars come in four flavours: information, acknowledgments, warnings, and errors

When will you see messages? Many different situations. For example, when saves are not allowed because you haven’t checked out the document. As it’s modeless you can continue to work and deal with the message when you are ready. A Message Bar never disappears… until you’ve acknowledged it and dismissed it.

Redesigned notifications use a consistent layout and many are rewritten to be more intuitive. Notifications remain visible for 5-seconds (by default) before disappearing. Use the settings in the System Options to adjust the length.

Searching for Commands

In the SOLIDWORKS 2022 user interface, searching for commands is much easier. A new Search All appears in the shortcut bar (S shortcut). After locating the command, use the plus (+) to add it to the shortcut bar, if you so choose.

SOLIDWORKS 2022: Search All Commands

Reference Geometry

In what might just be my favorite SOLIDWORKS 2022 user interface enhancement you can now select reference geometry (axes and planes) directly in the graphics area! Even better is as you are hovering over a face press Q to display its reference planes. After selecting the desired reference geometry, SOLIDWORKS dismisses the rest. Right-click on a component for the Reference Geometry Display option, which displays the component’s places, axes, or coordinate system. Previously, selecting references was only available in the FeatureManager.

Press Q to display references
Press Q to display references

Anything Else?

SOLIDWORKS 2022 provides more persistent tooltips to provide help when certain events occur. For example, after dragging in a non-SOLIDWORKS file, a persistent tooltip prompts you to hold the Alt key to access the Import Options dialog.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface Persistant Tooltips

Use the new Component Name and Description options to manage what displays in the FeatureManager tree. This includes component and configuration information.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface: Component Name and Description Dialog
SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface: Applying different component and configuration names and descriptions to the featuremanager

Repeated messaging about a topic can quickly become annoying. Hence why SOLIDWORKS allows you to permanently dismiss messages. However, restoring inadvertently dismissed messages was not easy in previous versions. Well… no more! With the SOLIDWORKS 2022 user interface! The Dismissed Messages dialog (System Options) continues to display the truncated message, however, hovering over a message provides the full message in the tooltip.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Interface: Dismissed Messages ToolTip

Feature Image by Vecteezy