I’m revising my (this) earlier post to remove my venting, griping, and frustration at the cruel things people do to women, children, old people, broken people, and animals too. Honestly, everything I have had to hear today has made me very very sad.

So I’ll just reuse this space to remember the things that really make me smile.

Tragically geeky stuff like Autodesk Inventor and Simulation :

image_thumb18 image_thumb24

Good friends and fun things that make me laugh:


Great people and some good laughs. (Martyn's responsible for that Jenga disaster. Paul has all the good pics 🙂 )


Hey, I've known her longer than any of you. We've been through a lot together.




Some of my family in Japan


...still LMAO



My brothers and their doom

.. and sometimes, I just wanna go home.


Wakura Terra - I can't begin to explain

I feel better, so I leave you with one of my favorite comedian’s notes on the people responsible for the tragic events of the day:

“You can’t find someone to pull the lever?….Hell, I’ll do it for free. Come on, two at a time, scoot over, there’s more room in the chair !!!” BZZZZZZZT. Next !!!!!!.” Chris Rock or Sam Kinison said this, I can’t remember which.