Yep, GrabCAD has teamed up with Saare Yachts to present another contest. Design the best new Yacht Deck Vent.

GrabCAD Saare Yacht Deck Vent Contest DiagramIt’s the best kind of contest: Looking for the freshest new designs within existing design constraints. Waterproof, new mechanisms, the whole nine yards. While not necessary, they are promoting team entries.

Contest Entries

  • Use Autodesk Inventor or any other software to produce the 3D models, provided that STEP or IGES formats accompany the upload.
  • Post the model up to GrabCAD
  • Start Date: August 3rd, 2011
  • End Date: August 14th, 2011

The Prize

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,…what do we get? To hell with the iPod, they’re furnishing $2000 USD. That’s a fair chunk of a new workstation. Teams split the money. Get your ideas and team members ready, and head over to GrabCAD to get the rest of the details.