Yup, everyone is doing it. All in the name of ALS. I just hope everyone doing it is donating as well. Design and Motion donated to Lynne Grainger to help fund her treatments, we decided to directly help a friend of a friend. So thanks to Sean Dotson for bringing Lynne to our attention and Jay Tedeschi’s ‘attempt’ resulting in myself getting nominated, so I thought it was only fair I got the Design and Motion Ice Bucket Challenge rolling. So here they are in order of appearance:

So there you go, Sean gets nominated for a second go, James Herzing and Buzz Kross are also named by John. Epic, I can’t wait to see the last two. I have to say John really looked like he enjoyed that! So are there are outstanding nominees? Why yes there are… Joey Foster, Hans Grootegoed and Kevin Ellingson are all current stragglers. Come on guys, make it happen.

If you would like to donate towards Lynne Graingers care as well, then swing on over to her gofundme page and enter your digits. Thanks for being good sports guys… special mention to Mike for doing it while on holiday, while at what looks like a campsite.