Between the Poles Blog I found a couple great articles on one of my favorite topics, Japan. Geoff Zeiss, writes ‘Between the Poles’, a blog about infrastructure, and has taken a liking to a subject that I have tried to follow when time permits. I am pleased to say he has done my homework, and rather than duplicate something, I want to link you into his great write-ups.

Japan’s Plan to Phase Out Nuclear Power

Japan Fukushima DaiIchi Disaster Japan has been struggling with their reliance upon nuclear power since the earthquake that shook their country, and heavily damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor. Now Japan has announced a plan officially phase out nuclear power by the year 2040.

Here’s the article:


Japan’s TEPCO Admits the Fukushima Disaster was Avoidable

After the disaster, a commission was assembled to investigate the circumstances and occurrences surrounding the DaIIchi disaster, for not only what was done, but what should have been done. Numerous interesting things were unearthed, including reluctance to fulfill obvious needs due to fear of litigation.

Great article:

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