imageAfter the huge disasters related to the Japan earthquake,  numerous reports, videos and scientific information have been brought forward. I recently saw a frightening video, that I wanted to share with everyone else. Before I do, here are a few tidbits of additional information, that most of us may have already have heard.

The North portion of the Honshu Peninsula lies on a separate tectonic plate from the southerly portion. That plate shifted 8 feet laterally, and subducted 4 feet. The results from that occurrence narrowed the entire region, and has resulted in major daily flooding in coastal towns throughout these regions north of Tokyo.

I saw a photograph in the local news paper of two young ladies standing in knee deep water in the middle of their street. The reports quoted local residents saying that the floods come with high tide, and they have to go for the supplies before the waters return each day. Their sewers are swamped and automotive travel is hopeless. Scientists say it’s permanent. Even our worst disasters and flooding eventually recede; but not there.

26,000 people are dead or missing as a result of this disaster.

Video of Tokyo Sinking

imageI saw a video on ALLTOP showing the areas around Tokyo, where the lands were floating. Sidewalks looked like buoys bobbing back and forth. Seawater bubbled up through he cracks. Areas of Tokyo Bay, having long ago been filled in similar fashion to Boston, Massachusetts, USA, show dramatic signs of geologic instability, with this form of anomaly.

You have to see this video ALLTOP . It is frightening as hell.

I have no idea how long it will be before the building foundations on these Tokyo regions begin to give way. Additionally uncertain is the limits of this activity.   that

Financial Concerns Abound

While many people survived the tsunami resulting from the quake, they love in homes that are flooded, and there is little that can be done. They surely can’t sell the homes. The local government has no resources to protect these residents further.

Chubu Reactor to Shut DownReuters reported that the Prime Minister Naoto Kan had issued a warning that the Chubu Nuclear facility needs to be shut down due to projections of an 8 magnitude earthquake could strike the central Japan region and create a tragedy if that reactor was damaged. The country intended to have half its power derived from nuclear energy, and as a result have them facing hard decisions. The Chubu plant supplies 7 percent of Japan’s power, including

In a recent report, the plant has agreed to shut down until it can better defend against similar disasters (as of May 7th, they still had not). They will purchase natural gas and tax the other reactors to try and minimize the power disruption, but now as summer approaches, the region’s inhabitants are concerned. Manufacturing in Tokyo has already been hit hard with some supply and power shortages, and now this will likely set them back further.

80,000 people have been evacuated from the 12 mile radius surrounding the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility. They are still trying to figure out how to survive, and the reactor is still leaking.

Some Good News

My wife returned from Northwest Japan this past week, and reported that Northwest Japan seems relatively unscathed by the disasters. That area sits upon a historically stable geologic area. My family is safe. I know that the Japanese people will recover because they always do, but I hope that engineers and scientists can put their heads together to benefit the rest of these wonderful people.who continue to be affected by the surmounting problems they face.