Lenovo P40 Yoga

I am blessed with four lovely daughters, and together we have a love of technology (which drives my wife nuts). So when I came back from Autodesk University talking about the Lenovo P40 Yoga, we knew we needed to get our hands on one… so thank you to Lenovo for the opportunity!

Here are the specs for the unit we tested

  • Lenovo P40 Yoga
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Intel i7-6600U @ 2.60 GHz
  • 16-GB RAM
  • nVidia Quadro M500M
  • 500 GB Samsung SSD

Here are the twins in their first moments using it, they were beyond excited

Emersyn Alexa P40 Yoga


The Review

What makes this system so special? It is a mobile “multimode” workstation with the ability to flip between tablet, tent, stand, and laptop. It is tough – Mil-SPEC tested construction. The Wacom stylus is as close to writing / drawing with a real pen as its going to get.

Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga_6 Onscreen2

My four daughters can be tough, critical, and don’t hold anything back when using new technology. You should hear their dialog in the Apple store! But for as critical as they can be, we all love this unit and I mean truly love it, like fight over it til almost tears love it.

Brielle (Age 7) loved playing games on what she views an extra large tablet. She also loved that she could flip it into laptop mode and use MS Word to practice her typing and story writing… all without leaving the couch.

Peyton (Age 12) took it to her room and used it almost every night… mostly playing games. She likes it, but is still sold on getting a Chromebook though, like they use at school.

Out of the four, the twins (Age 10) are the most into tech. They both appreciated how they could use it for fun (tablet mode) and for work (laptop mode). As their school uses Office 365 they were able to complete homework at home using the Lenovo P40 Yoga and from all over the house. They showed me how much better it is to review PowerPoint presentations in tablet mode. One starts to truly appreciate the Yoga P40 when you realize how easy it is to flip back into laptop mode to make changes.

Alexa is our artist as she loves to draw, paint, sketch, doodle, write and be creative. It did take her a while to get comfortable drawing on the unit, but once I showed how she could half fold the tablet and hold it more like a book she took right to it. Sketchbook has become here favorite app. She was ok with the harder tips that were included with the stylus but admits the optional softer tips would probably be better for drawing pictures. Something to consider when purchasing the unit.

Emersyn actually starting using Fusion 360 (she didn’t like TinkerCAD) to model an idea she has for a cup for fountain pop (soda) at restaurants. For her, the size of the unit in combination with it portability was a major win. I like how when using the modeling software performance never became an issue.

Here are the twins thoughts (this is recorded live, no retakes… not bad for their first recorded review.)

This is the first part of our review. I’ll be following up with a more CAD-focused review of the unit.