SOLIDWORKS 2022 is here and here with a vengeance. It’s packed right full of new and enhanced features touching just about every area of the product.

“We know that you create great designs, and that your great designs get built. To streamline and accelerate your product development process from concept through manufactured products, SOLIDWORKS 2022 contains new, user-driven enhancements.”


What’s in the SOLIDWORKS 2022 box? You’ll work…

  • Smarter – better products in less steps with new workflows and feature enhancements
  • Faster – more done in less time with significant quality and performance improvements
  • Together – improved innovation and decision making by connecting to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and leveraging its collaborative capabilities

As with any new release, the product contains multiple fixes based on submitted Software Performance Reports (SPRs), specifically selected to address quality and performance issues reported by customers.

Within SOLIDWORKS look for the question-mark-asterisk icon next to new menu items and the titles of new or significantly changed PropertyManagers.


SOLIDWORKS 2022 improves the performance of specific tools and workflows. Who doesn’t want it to take less time when importing DWG (or DXF) into part sketches [bonus, you no longer need to explode blocks during import to improve performance]? or improved performance when opening, saving, and closing assemblies containing STEP files? or better quality with models with 3D textures and silhouette edges?

With SOLIDWORKS Manage Bill of materials (BOM) display up to five times faster. For projects with a high number of tasks, the Gantt chart display is faster than in previous releases. With Check-In/Out operations SOLIDWORKS no longer refreshes the entire grid now only the individual line item that last changed refreshes, making performance faster.

With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022, you’ll experience an improved performance of many file-based operations including opening files, using the Copy Tree, creating documents, using the Where Used tab, and loading a web preview.

What’s New?

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