It’s time to leave the great people here at Waltham. THey treated us all quite well and I for one enjoyed myself. As usual I got to meet a few people I had heard of like Dave Simeone, and to see a few people that I met before like Sarah Cunningham.

Before I chase the cab out of the parking lot (because I’m cutting it close again), I wanted to say something about the Subscription Advantage Pack. 

IGES Support

The subject came up yesterday during the webcast, and I had a mouth full of muffin and was playing catchup at the moment when James Wedding says ‘the Subscription Advantage Pack will offer users the ability to import and export IGES file.  That’s a great feature addition for various users like John Evans. What are your thoughts John?’  I think my words were “mmmrmhph mmr, mmm fffph mmmrrrrrr. “ A lot of head nodding and looking foolish.  Thanks James, for that opportunity to chime in.

IGES import Export will offer another method to get 3D models to and from other CAD formats. 

More on this later. I gotta catch a cab