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Japan – Feb. 28 Phrase of the Day

二月二十八日 Sukii tte ikkai yattara yamitsuki ni naru Once you try skiing, You’re hooked. スキーって一回やったら病みつきになる Today’s focus will be on ‘yamitsuki ni naru’ Yamitsuki means hooked; ni naru means to become. Repeat this over and...

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Japan – Vocab 9/17/09

対応する [たいおうする] taiou suru – to correspond 対応「たいおう」 interaction; correspondence; coping with; dealing with; support Examples Vista対応のゲームを動かしたいのです。I want to run a VISTA game. Here VISTA対応 refers to ‘Corresponding’ or ‘Supported by’...

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Memphis Airport

Did you know that of the Smoking related deaths and accidents last year, that the cigarette poisons and related health issued only accounted for about 85% of the deaths. The other 15% was the wives of the poor bastards that just HAD to have that cigarette….

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