Autodesk announced the purchase of certain assets from HSMWorks Aps, a Denmark based computer aided manufacturing (CAM) solution company that is known for their HSMWorks software. Their product has been marketed towards Solidworks users, boasting a good integration into their products.

Now Autodesk has stated that they are adding the capability of controlling machine tools and related machinery to their portfolio. Hell, that’s fantastic, considering we’ve been discussing the desire for them to enter the ring, forever…. Like in my intentionally humorous outburst, wishing to head that up from Japan:

That leaves me wondering a few things:


  • When will it emerge? Will it bypass Inventor and go straight to the cloud?
  • What capabilities will it bring? (I’m looking for something more specific than CNC and milling :-P)
  • How will John Callen’s involvement change the product?
  • Why in the hell did my corporate spies not see this coming?
  • What will those certain CAM enthusiasts say to this?  (you know who I mean)

Buzz Kross, Autodesk Sr. vice-president of design, simulation and lifecycle products noted “The acquisition of the HSMWorks technology brings machining expertise and next-generation CAM technology to the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing software… Autodesk has a long history of making design and engineering technology more accessible, and we look forward to bringing HSMWorks’ CAM technology to a broader group of users.”

Autodesk states that it intends to

  • integrate the new technology into their manufacturing related cloud services
  • make current HSMWorks products available for sale
  • offer HSMXpress for free download
  • continue to support Solidworks customers that use the product

Why the Change of Heart?

…especially in light of certain recent bumps in the road. Hmmm.

Autodesk’s responded by saying that they recognized the need to move beyond design to include additional tools that help improve the manufacturing process as evidenced by the recent expansions into PLM and simulation. They noted that HSMWorks felt like a good match, and would help them bring CAM to a broader group of users.

I really look forward to this product, but am concerned about Autodesk’s former position that there was not enough market to go around, and that they did not want to spoil the relationships they had with existing CAM companies. I am also concerned that it will bypass Inventor integration. That might not set well….

I guess we’ll have to wait to see how this will play out. Hopefully by Autodesk University.

The Autodesk news release can be read here: