For some reason, My local Vault decided to go wonky this morning, and after 2 restarts and no response form the Autodesk Data Management Server console I started searching for some help. I came up with this great tip for dealing with a laggy ADMS console.

If ADMS just seems to halt on load, or even after you try to pick anything in the console navigation, try the following settings:

  1. Start the Registry Editor REGEDIT.
  2. Find this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
  3. Find the ServicesPipeTimeout If it does not exist (as it did not in mine), then you need to add it. DWORD value (32 bit) named “ServicesPipeTimeout”.
  4. Change the decimal value of that entry to be 120000. Pick OK, and close the editor.
  5. Start the Services Manager (msc) and navigate to Autodesk Data Management Job Dispatch service.
  6. Change the startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start).
  7. Restart the machine.

When I restarted, ADMS was fine.

I have not completely researched the how’s and why’s of this edit procedure, and why it worked on my machine, but I suspect that there is a very slow-to-start service on my local machine that ADMS is dependent on. ADMS is likely timing out waiting for it, and after that, everything else fails.

Having a Vault guru on the team is great, but sometimes I have to let him sleep and take care of little research like this on my own. I hope this helps someone else.



Big thanks to Bob Felton for the post titled “How to solve a very slow Start up of ADMS Console on the Vault Server“, at IMAGINiT. You can read it here: