Autodesk Vault Search is why we invested in the software; I love the flexibility. That said, there is one small issue that often makes the search capabilities rather limiting: File and Folder Paths. We really need an option to permit a Vault search without file and folder paths.

Too Many Returns in Vault Search

In the image below I have captured this issue. I searched for a Project number. That project contains numerous files and folders. Some of these are serialized with the project info, and some are not. I have highlighted results that do not contain any reference to the project, neither in name nor in their Vault properties. However, these files and folders continue to occupy my search results. Why? Because the characters searched for are in each of these results’ file path. Each is filed under a master folder named for the project. Therefore every single file and folder under that project will ALWAYS come up in such a search.

Vault Search without File and Folder Paths is needed

There are 703 RETURNS in this search – 703!! I’ve only highlighted the results that are in this image. There are hundreds more that confuse the results. The only thing this search will do is permit me to pick ‘Go To Folder’ from one of these file’s context menu. Then I can navigate from there. Otherwise it is useless.

Vault Idea Station Request

I posted a request on the Autodesk Vault Idea Station hoping to get some enthusiasm built up. Here’s the Vault Idea Station link. If you find yourself struggling with similar problems, please go there and vote for my request to offer an option to allow Vault search without file and folder paths. If you have another solution, please don’t hesitate to comment here or on my Idea Station entry.