I came across this little app while studying Vault change orders online. Autodesk Vault Professional Change Order GadgetVault Professional offers the capability of implementing the change orders. While notifications are sent by email, there is nothing available on the desktop to notify users about the change orders coming through.

Brian Schanen wrote a post pointing to a cool Windows gadget that had been prepared by Chris Sawicki and himself. What this does is add a gadget on your desktop that notifies you about any change orders that have been submitted to you.

Once installed, Vault notifications populate the gadget automatically. Sweet! It provides fairly detailed information about the change order, and a link to the change order in the Vault Professional client.

Detailed information and installation instructions can be found on It’s all ones and zeros.


Once it is installed, you are prompted to login with you Vault user login information, as well the Vault name and it’s server’s name. The instructions are quite simple.