Autodesk Vault can run multiple Find Dialogs simultaneously. This adds some new capabilities in complex database searching. I found it accidentally and thought some readers may like to know.

Find Dialog Function

If you pick the Find Button at the top of the Vault client, the Find Dialog will appear. Alternately, you may use ‘CTRL + F’ to activate the dialog as well. You may then drag that to any place you like and keep it there as the dialog is modeless; I keep mine open on the left side of the landscape. Vault will remember the location and return the dialog there if you reopen it.

Multiple Find Dialogs Simultaneously on Autodesk Vault

Run Multiple File Dialogs

What’s interesting is that if you pick the Find button again, another dialog will appear. Vault will run these dialogs simultaneously, and each functions independently. For example, I use the ‘Go To Folder’ function a lot. I tested it and Vault responded on the main client as each Find Dialog was tested.

Ideas for Using Multiple Find Dialogs

While this will not solve all of our issues with the 2024 release of Autodesk Vault Professional, it does give me some cool ideas:

  • Using one Find query for ideas, while cross-checking these with the second. The Main client interface is now free to interract with the files without having to leave to cross-check.
  • Using the Basic Search and Advanced Search at the same time to run down information.
  • Using a second Find Dialog while the first is being used by another function. An example of this is where Vault will use the Find Dialog to edit a Saved Search. When this occurs, you cannot use the dialog for an alternate search query. Simply running another Find Dialog will permit the Saved Search editing process to continue.

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