The Basic Search in Autodesk Vault Find dialog for global searching is a nice tip I received recently. I generally prefer to use the general-purpose Search field for this, but it often takes too long. The Basic Search is a good trade-off for my needs.

Idea Station Post

After returning from Autodesk university 2022 this year, I started thinking of all the items I wanted improvements in; some are big and many are small. Irvin Hayes suggested that I remember to add these to the Autodesk Vault Idea Station. So, I started with a request for a new button for Global Searching.

Autodesk Vault Idea Station Global Search Request

The Idea was to add another Search button to the general-purpose Search field. The factory magnifying glass with a lightning bolt would continue to function as a local search. I requested another button next to it to search globally, regardless of your local focus. Irvin shot this Idea down, stating that the Basic Search in the Find dialog would serve my purposes. I do not like the Find dialog for fast searching. While I still like my idea, it’s our discussion that remains important.

Global Search Problems

The general-purpose multiple parameter Search field is a fantastic tool; it is located by default at the upper right corner of the File Contents pane of the Vault Client. However, global searching must be performed from the root of the Vault. This involves scrolling the Content Browser to the top, and selecting the root of the Vault prior to performing the search.

Time – I admit this is not that big of a deal. However it becomes annoying when you use this feature every 15 minutes or so. The more projects I have exposed, the longer it takes to get to the root.

Tip: Pick Collapse All from the context menu to get to the Vault root faster.

Lost Focus – I am often prompted by what I see in Vault client to search for specific information. I hate losing focus on that prompt by picking another folder or item. If there were multiple details of concern, I’d have to write these down before they disappear.

Irvin’s Basic Search Suggestion was a Good Solution

Irvin suggested that I use the Basic Search in Autodesk Vault Find dialog for global searching; Ugghh. Don’t get me wrong, I use that feature every day to build complex queries and saved searches. Saved searches are one of my favorite features. However, I told Irvin that I hate-hate-hate using it for fast, get-it-right-now results.

Basic Search in Autodesk Vault Find dialog

It takes two steps to get to it; its details are not customized the way I desire; and it just feels awkward. We exchanged problems and ideas. Ultimately, he delivered a concise response that outlined how the Find dialog solved most of my issues:

  • Basic tab that permits multiple criteria searches globally by default
  • Can be customized like the other content panes
  • Can be resized
  • Has its own results window, so you don’t lose that precious focus. This item really did shut the discussion down – He’s right.


Searching globally through the Vault is absolutely one of the most important features of Vault. While you can do it easily, it can be frustrating, depending on how complex your Vault is. I still think my solution was a good one, and I do still want it; but I admit that if I could only have one of my ideas approved, this one would not be it. The Basic Search in Autodesk Vault Find dialog for global searching serves most needs; most importantly it adds another search dialog that helps maintain focus on the main Vault client.