Occasionally you may find the Autodesk Vault Menu is missing. I found a nice post that solved the problem and I wanted to pass it on.

Vault Menu Missing or Jacked Up

I ended up with a new installation and a menu that wasn’t missing, but was really fouled up. This is a result of my copying a configuration from one user to a new install.

After trying to reconfigure it to no avail, I went looking for help.

Note: Various references pointed out that when an Autodesk Vault Menu is missing altogether, it is often a result of inadvertently dragging the menu off the visible screen area. The following will help with that as well.

Delete the Menu XML

It would appear that some reference in the Menu.XML file does not like this method of configuration. I found the answer I needed in this post by Bob Felton at IMAGINiT, who said just delete the Menu.XML file from the user’s roaming profile. The default path for this is:”C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2022\Objects\”

Select the Menu.XML file and delete. Restart Autodesk Vault and the program should rebuilt the default menu.


I hope this helps you; it saved me a ton of work. I really need to find a cleaner method of copying UI configurations to new installations. Until then, I’ll just nuke the menu as soon as I copy the roaming profile. If anyone has some better ideas, please comment them here.

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