Autodesk Vault 2015 Failed to Acquite License

UPDATE: This change applies to all 2015 Autodesk product licensing.

Upon installing the RTM version of Autodesk Vault Professional 2015, I naturally set about testing it alongside the latest build of Inventor 2015 I have (RTM isn’t available for download yet). Unsurprisingly I was greeted with the message “Failed to acquire a license”. I dug about all over the place trying to figure out what was causing the problem. I tried all of the usual solutions, with no joy. 5 hours of wrestling this beast got me pretty close to the edge of my tolerance, I was ready to break stuff.

I could get the license to work if the license server was installed on the same server as the ADMS console, but not if they were on separate machines. The only error code I could find was in the ADMS console File Store logs, Autodesk Vault LicensingError [319] (20). Searching the internet for that didn’t return any conclusive explanation for what it meant. The best resources I found on my travels were:

But none of the solutions there at the time helped.

It wasn’t until the build numbers in the ‘About’ dialogue caught my eye that I realized something was a miss. I had Version v11.10.0.0 build 95001 installed, which works perfectly for the 2014 licenses, but apparently wasn’t working for the 2015 network licenses anymore.

LMTOOLS Build 95001The version I had installed on the same server as the ADMS console was Version v11.12.0.0 build 136775.

LMTOOLS Build 136775You can download the latest build of the Autodesk IPv4 Network License Manager for Windows from here. These were the steps I followed:

  1. Uninstalled the old license manager
  2. Restarted the server
  3. Made a copy of the debug.log & license file
  4. Deleted the old network license manager install folders
  5. Installed the latest version
  6. Copied the debug.log & license file back into the new install folder.

One other thing to note is this new version seems to install into a new location “C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager” whereas it used to be in the Autodesk folder: “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodesk Network License Manager”.

Autodesk Network License Manager Config V11.12Finally, make sure you have ticked ‘Start Server at Power Up’ & ‘Use Services’ in the Config Services tab of the LMTOOLS dialogue box.

Assuming all the other known solutions are in place, you should now have a fully functioning Autodesk Vault 2015 network license. A good question for Autodesk would be, “Why wasn’t this LMTOOLS version requirement communicated in the Vault 2015 Readme file?”. Now go play with all those shiny new Item & BOM tools Autodesk have furnished us with in this new Vault Professional release.