imageAutodesk Simulation Multiphysics and Inventor make a great pair, allowing use of Level of Detail Representations to direct specific assembly configurations to be analyzed easily. Unfortunately, if you are like me and are making changes and re-introducing them into Simulation, sometimes things can get a bit haywire.

Recently I received an error while trying to edit the material of the components in Simulation, and received an error that stated something like “Trying to edit the definition of a Bricks and Tetrahedral Mesh where a material property was not defined”. Well, I WAS trying to edit the material, but when I’d get past the error, the materials library was gone. Nobody home.

Save and Restart

Since the Simulation file already contains many of the settings from previous sessions, when the model was reissued from Inventor, Simulation was started, and the old Simulation file was opened with the old settings, but with new model changes. Occasionally the wires get crossed. Save the Simulation file WITH THE NEW INVENTOR CHANGES, and close the application. Open Simulation and then open the saved file. This will now allow Simulation to read the model and settings properly. The materials library should show up again.