Image Courtesy of Autodesk

Calling all post secondary students in the United States & Canada. Fancy taking a trip to Las Vegas for Autodesk University in late November, but can’t afford it? Well there a brilliant opportunity for you to make it happen over on the Autodesk PLM 360 Facebook page, but hurry because there are only 5 DAYS TO GO!

Its a pretty easy competition to enter really, just head on over and submit you idea on how you would use Autodesk PLM 360 to do something incredible. The mind blowing thing about PLM 360 is you really don’t have to use it for what people perceive Product Lifecycle Management to be & that’s what this competition is all about. Autodesk what to have ‘out of the box’ or non traditional ideas submitted to inspire & drive the PLM community to even higher levels of innovation. I’ve had the honor of being asked to Judge this competition, I can’t wait to read through the ideas, there are already some very interesting ones posted on the Facebook Page but I would love to see more, so crack on guys!

I’m frankly stunned by how cool the prizes are for this contest, I would expect every skint student out there to be entering this competition.