So you want to add a Check box to Items in the Bill Of Materials tab in Autodesk PLM 360… well for some reason you can’t. Fortunately there is a nifty work around.

You can add Check Boxes to Grid Tab fields

As part of my current Bill Of Materials quest, I’ve been trying to kill two birds with one stone and use the Items within a newly created BOM Item to not only build up a Shipping BOM, but also check of once certain tasks have been complete for that BOM line item. Ideally this would be a check box, since it wasn’t available I looked through the available list of data types and figured I could try and use a Radio Button tied to a Picklist which only has a single value. I didn’t think it would work but it did and that my friends, made me a happy chappy!

Just choose the Radio Button data type and link it to a single value Picklist

Once you have some BOM line Items, edit the BOM and select away!

Once again I hope you guys find this sneaky work around helpful..