This post is specifically for Parcels Entities, however many of the same principals apply to other objects as well.  I will cut this post down in favor of another that deals with Object / Display layers for all civil entities as a whole.


These layers may be way off standard for you, so customize it the way you want.


Parcel Entities have both an Object layer and a Display Layer.


One suggestion is as follows:

Object layers structured for what the Object conveys.  Display layers for whom the Object is conveyed TO.





Display Layer Examples:   Pcl-Ex-Esmt  Pcl-Pr-Esmt-Public  Pcl-Pr-Esmt-Private

The public version might have a hatch pattern that stands out.  I might also apply the same hatch pattern across all Proposed Public Parcels.

It is just too easy to change this easement to a private style when the County doesn’t want to take posession of a utility anymore.  The Object, however, stays on the exact same layer it was on.


Never use the same layer for both.


Why not? If you want it gone, just freeze the layer, and poof it’s gone. No problem.


Well, not exactly.  The other parcels that share that Display Style will also suffer the same fate.  Invisible.

Consider that Civil is all about changes.  Dynamics.



If I (which I just did) were to get into a legacy drawing (that had separate Object and Display layers), and want to turn off the legacy objects I would rename the Legacy Object layers to something like:

PARCELS-*  to be renamed to PARCELS-ADJ-*

Then as you add parcels, you would use the standard (PARCELS-) layer format. The display styles stay the same, since the uses don’t really change.  Well discuss SITES later.



If you just don’t want both Display and Object layers to deal with, then use the default layer 0, and color BYLAYER for your styles display layers.

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