On imageimage August 17th, 2010 Business Wire reported  that Rand Worldwide, Inc. and Avatech Solutions, Inc. have joined through a reverse merger. The new company intends to change it’s name to Rand Worldwide, inc. There will be a new stock ticker symbol as well.

Rand as you probably know is the operating parent company of IMAGINiT Technologies, the Autodesk, Inc. ATC training group. On every single occasion that I have dealt with ImaginIt, from Orlando to Toronto, I have been quite impressed with the commitment of it’s employees. If that is any reflection on the Rand Worldwide company as a whole, I would be quite happy to see this new merger go well.

The combined company is the largest Autodesk VAR operating, and had a combined income over the past year of over 82M USD. That’s a lot of 円.

“We see great opportunities to even further develop the operational excellence that has characterized each company. It is our intention to leverage the investments we have made in our people, systems and processes across a much larger set of selling operations. This combination represents an ideal opportunity for such leverage.” said Larry Rychlak, president of the new company.

So what does that mean for Autodesk Product Support?


Much of this is far up the food chain which left me wondering how this will affect the company personnel that we deal with regularly through Autodesk Design application training. The news release pointed out that all Autodesk related services and sales activities for the two companies will be combined under the IMAGINiT Technologies brand worldwide. I really hope to see the same level of expertise, trust, and very personal service continued.

Steve Blum, Autodesk Americas Sales Senior Vice-President commented, “Autodesk has been very pleased with the performance of these two significant channel partners and we look forward to the increased capabilities available with this combination.”

Further inquiries can be made to Chantale Marchand,  Rand Worldwide, Inc. / Avatech Solutions, Inc., 508-663-1411. cmarchand@rand.com