imageDuring the Autodesk Media Summit 2012 last week, Autodesk announced that their SimSquad will release Simulation TV, an on-demand video solution resource.

I am a huge proponent of simulation throughout the design process, and of encouraging people to become better educated, and more proficient with simulation. Autodesk is among an increasing number of companies that recognize the benefit of this, and are providing resources to ensure that users that are new to their simulation products, or new to certain analyses, get the information and assistance they need with the products and best practices.

The company indicated that they intend to stream videos featuring the SimSquad experts, product information, customer success cases, examples, help, and more. The portal, which is not yet released, is divided by products and categories, and provides a convenient search to help you find things easily.

“This was really successful at Algor, and we’ve since then invested a lot of money and resources in order to drive that [here]. What we’re really trying to do is to to help our customers to be more successful, to learn more about simulation products, and to be there to provide support.” Deb Koehler, Business Line Director for Simulation at Autodesk.

Simulation TV is expected to go public in about two weeks.