bcg2 Everyone knows I love Design Accelerators, Content Center, User parameters, derived components…..Ok I just love Inventor.

The Bolted Connection Generator is a fabulous tool. It creates a filter criteria using diameters found in the selected thread type. It then uses that to filter the Content Center selection to create a list of fasteners.  The holes and recesses are created from geometry in the separate data.  The list of possibilities however, has some limitations.  I’d like to show you 1 way to get more productivity, working within the limitations.

If I can get the job done with a Design Accelerator, then why would I want to prep everything without it?

This discussion is a workflow I performed recently to get some new fasteners into the Bolted Connection Generator.  Again, the theme has to do with wood, as I found a lot of people asking about wood, and little assistance was available.

This workflow will take us through the following topics:

  • Thread.xls
  • Sample Part Modifications
  • iPart
  • Content Center Category Review
  • Component Authoring
  • Content Center Family Editing
  • Bolted Connection Generator

There is a lot of areas here that can be modified and streamlined to both your needs, and my own.  I want to relate to you a process, and the components surrounding the process to try and eliminate the frustrations associates with this type of customization.  This series is not intended as a ‘Best Practice’ exercise. In some cases, the workarounds are a bit unfortunate, and some cleanup needed.  I will discuss these as we proceed, and when changes can be made, I usually go back and edit the posts to make the posts better for the community.

Let’s get started…..Part 1